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Welcome to my clips site. I’m Kase, your humble host. I’m a journalist and May 2010 Boston University journalism graduate who’s always interested in hearing about new opportunities. I have extensive experience in entertainment writing, general news reporting, political reporting (including Washington, DC experience), and long-form magazine writing, as well as news blogging, audio production, culture and food writing, and social media. Here’s a collection of my favorite work, and my resume is here.

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lipitor goes generic

Posted in journalism, the daily, Uncategorized by kase on December 1, 2011

A generic version of Lipitor, the cholesterol-lowering medicine that has been prescribed to 17 million people worldwide, will start arriving in pharmacies today after Pfizer’s patent on the blockbuster drug expired yesterday.

While Pfizer and the newly-authorized generic manufacturers engage in a tug-of-war for prescriptions, prices for the drug are expected to plummet.

Pfizer has good reason to fret about losing patients: Lipitor is the world’s best-selling drug, and its $11 billion in sales accounted for about one-fifth of Pfizer’s revenues last year. At its peak in 2006, Lipitor generated $13 billion in sales, 27 percent of Pfizer’s total revenue.

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