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the cain train’s final stop

Posted in journalism, politics, the daily by kase on December 3, 2011

On Dec. 3, 2011, former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain announced that he would suspend his campaign for the 2012 Republican nomination. Six turbulent months of pizza jokes, staff shakeups, poll peaks and valleys and sexual harassment claims: Cain’s campaign, once a joke in political circles, turned out to be quite the thrillride.

Below, see the infographic I cooked up with The Daily’s design team, charting Cain’s rise and fall in pursuit of the presidency.


dividing the pie: herman cain’s money ball is rolling

Posted in journalism, the daily by kase on October 29, 2011

Creative Commons image by Gage SkidmoreCome Nov. 6, 2012, states will light up red or blue depending on who wins the vote, but right now it’s all about green. And Herman Cain’s campaign is gaining momentum in the polling as well as at the bank.

Mark Block, the former pizza magnate’s campaign manager, said his candidate has raised more than $3 million in October. That is a huge jump from Cain’s previous fundraising total for the year — $5.3 million as of the Federal Election Commission’s Sept. 30 filing deadline. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has raised $32.2 million, the most of the GOP contenders. Cain ranks fifth in fundraising.

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gop in giffords’ district holds raffle for glock

Posted in journalism, raw story by kase on September 1, 2011

The Republican Party in Arizona’s Pima County, which is represented by Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), is in the midst of a fundraising raffle, $10 per entry.

The prize: the same model of gun that delivered a near-fatal blast to the Democratic lawmaker’s skull outside a Tucson grocery store in January.

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anger at government highest in 19 years: poll

Posted in raw story by kase on July 20, 2011

Dissatisfaction and anger with the federal government are at a nearly 20-year high, according to the results of a new ABC News/Washington Post poll released Wednesday.

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how kids helped elect michele bachmann

Posted in raw story by kase on July 19, 2011

While Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann (R) is well-known for her small army of foster children, it’s another group of youngsters that she credits with her 2008 re-election, Mother Jones reported.

It was the nearly six dozen 12 to 19-year-old homeschooled kids who went door to door for Bachmann who helped her hold onto her House seat. The kids were members of Generation Joshua, a group that trains homeschooled kids for political organizing. For Bachmann, who sees herself as the future leader of the Republican Party, these are her would-be constituents.

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bachmann’s new campaign manager panned her chances of winning

Posted in raw story by kase on June 8, 2011

Ed Rollins signed on this week as campaign manager for Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) ahead of what is presumed to be the official announcement of her presidential campaign, to take place in her birthplace of Waterloo, Iowa in the coming weeks. Rollins, a seasoned campaign operative and political analyst, had to explain some of his past unflattering comments about Bachmann.

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7 conservatives sound off on obama releasing his long-form birth certificate

Posted in raw story by kase on April 27, 2011

Although the years-long game of chicken has ended and the White House has relinquished President Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate, the issue is by no means dead.

The action, intended to forcibly shift the news cycle from so-called birthers to more pressing matters such as national security and the economy, guarantees that commentators and politicians — the very “carnival barkers” Obama insisted he would not buckle to — will be offering their thoughts on the document’s disclosure for the foreseeable future, not to mention public discussion. After all, recent polls show that about half of Republicans say they don’t think the president was born in America.

Conservative figures’ reactions have ranged from doubt to pride to, well, debt. Here are seven boldface names’ take on the events of this morning.

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paul ryan already benefited from the social security fund he now wants to gut

Posted in raw story by kase on April 20, 2011

Rep. Paul Ryan, the GOP’s most outspoken advocate for cutting and privatizing Social Security, has already benefited from Social Security himself, in the form of survivor benefits he received after his father’s untimely death.

From the age of 16, when his 55-year-old father died of a heart attack, until he was 18, Ryan received Social Security payments, which, according to a lengthy profile in WI Magazine, he put away for college. The eventual budget czar attended Miami University in Ohio to earn a B.A. in economics and political science, and landed a congressional internship as a junior.

Ryan’s congressional ascent, all the way to the top spot on the Budget Committee, began with his Social Security-funded college education.

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trump trademarks “success”…for a bath product line

Posted in raw story by kase on April 19, 2011

Donald Trump is seemingly everywhere: his really tall buildings grace the skylines of major cities, and the one-two combination of “Celebrity Apprentice” and his constant talk show rounds preceding a rumored presidential run have made him a fixture on television sets everywhere.

Trump is apparently not content with dominating just architecture and media — he wants to carve out a presence in bathrooms everywhere as well.

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congressional republicans not happy with 2012 slate: report

Posted in raw story by kase on April 11, 2011

Congressional Republicans are grumbling that they don’t see a frontrunner for their party’s 2012 nomination, nor do they particularly like any of the current candidates.

“Everybody’s looking for a Ronald Reagan, and they don’t see one,” Rep. David Dreier (R-Calif.) told Politico.

Few Republicans have voiced their intention to run, and several, like business mogul Donald Trump and Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels have toyed publicly with running but haven’t officially declared candidacy. Even more candidates will pop up in the coming months, but there’s no consensus on who should run, or any individuals appearing on the majority of lawmakers’ wish lists. Gen. David Petraeus and TV personality (and former congressman) Joe Scarborough have garnered scattered mentions, but neither were popular choices.

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