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for a good time, call lauren anne miller

Posted in enterainment by kase on September 7, 2012

“Just keep it in your room.” That’s what For a Good Time, Call… co-star/co-writer/co-producer Lauren Anne Miller told her then-roommate, Katie Anne Naylon, when Naylon admitted that she held a job as a phone sex operator to earn cash. Nowadays, Miller and Naylon are far from their Florida State University dorm room, but they’re still making dirty talk pay: For a Good Time, Call… is loosely based on Naylon’s former occupation, and stars Miller (playing a fictionalized version of herself also named Lauren) and Ari Graynor (who plays Katie in the movie).

Together, Miller and Graynor’s characters navigate the choppy waters of friendship, romance, making rent, and talking with a giant dildo shoved into the corner of your mouth, to hilarious and heartfelt effect.

Prior to the release of the movie, Miller called BUST to talk about making your own destiny, wrapping raunchiness in an “adorable pink bow,” and her father’s favorite euphemism for a certain male organ.

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bachelorette’s leslye headland: ‘you’re just not gonna be okay’

Posted in enterainment, the awl by kase on September 7, 2012

Writer and director Leslye Headland’s Bachelorette is a female ensemble comedy that culminates in a wedding, but Headland doesn’t want it confused with Bridesmaids or any of the other recent pack of funny-lady flicks. In fact, she’d rather not be thought of as a female writer at all.

“When I first started getting read and I started having [meetings] and Bachelorette made The Black List [a peer-nominated Hollywood list of the best unproduced screenplays], it was like, ‘So you’re a female Neil LaBute!’” Headland, who made her name as a playwright, said. “And you wouldn’t say, ‘You’re a gentile Neil Simon,’ you know what I mean? You wouldn’t say, ‘You’re a white John Singleton.’ Women are actually the majority in this country, so why are you using that adjective to describe my writing? Why can’t you just say it’s like Neil LaBute, which I would take as a huge compliment?”

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for a good time, call ari graynor

Posted in enterainment, journalism by kase on September 5, 2012

One of the cardinal rules of phone sex, as explained in the new indie comedy “For a Good Time, Call…” is this: Don’t lead the conversation to a sexy place until the other person does. While speaking with Ari Graynor, the film’s star and executive producer, who may be most familiar from the recent release “Celeste and Jesse Forever” or as hot mess Caroline in 2008’s “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist,” we can’t say that we followed that rule. At all. Graynor plays Katie, a saucy New York City girl who maintains her bottom line by operating a phone sex line. After a rocky start, Katie and new roommate Lauren (played by Lauren Anne Miller, who also co-wrote and co-produced the film) start an independent hotline together, as well as a friendship. Co-written by Katie Anne Naylon and based loosely on Naylon’s time as a real-life phone sex operator in college, the film celebrates female friendship, entrepreneurial can-do and the twin powers of a hot pink rotary phone and bright blue dildo.

BUST chatted with Graynor on the phone ahead of the film’s release about the psychic stresses of Twitter, feeling like a surrogate mom, and the infinite struggle between fashion and easy bathroom access.

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melissa leo on losing ‘hunger games: catching fire’ role

Posted in enterainment, journalism, moviefone by kase on August 6, 2012

The long-awaited “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” has its Mags — and it’s not Melissa Leo.

“Lynn Cohen is Mags!” Elizabeth Banks, who plays Capitol crony Effie Trinket in the popular series, crowed on her blog early Monday morning. Lionsgate confirmed Cohen’s casting late last week.

Cohen, whose previous credits include “Sex and the City” and “Munich,” among others, will play the aging former Hunger Games winner who becomes important to heroine Katniss Everdeen over the course of the series’ second installment.

That was news to Leo, who was rumored to be a contender for the role.

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the queen of ‘the queen of versailles’

Posted in enterainment, journalism, the awl by kase on July 23, 2012

Ten kitchens. A bowling alley. A health spa. A full-sized baseball field. A separate wing for the children. Something that could logically be referred to as “a grand staircase.” My house doesn’t have any of these things, does yours?

Jackie Siegel’s, on the other hand, will. Or at least, that’s what she and her husband, David Siegel, hoped when they began construction on what would have been the largest single-family residence in the United States, a 90,000-square-foot masterpiece of a home in Orlando. They called it “Versailles.”

I say “would have” because construction on Versailles has halted, yet another victim of the financial crash. The 99 percent may have been hit by the economic downturn, but Lauren Greenfield’s new documentary, The Queen of Versailles, puts a face on the 1 percent, too: Jackie.

What is it like to watch somebody with all the trappings of wealth — teetering heels, a litter of fluffy little dogs — lose it all? Greenfield spent more than three years filming Jackie and her family, stepping over the same dog turds ground into the carpet after the household staff was let go to save money as Jackie, David, and their eight kids did.

Roughly the same age as the titular queen [of the documentary], Greenfield and her camera were a mostly-silent presence in the Siegels’ life, witnessing Jackie, an RIT-educated engineer, thinking aloud that her children “might have to go to college” if the money ran out, and David theorizing that “anyone who doesn’t want to be rich is probably dead.”

The base conundrum is this: what does a relationship between an engineering student-cum-beauty queen-cum trophy wife and a documentarian focusing on social ills (Greenfield’s first feature documentary, Thin, focused on eating disorders) look like after three years, multiple foreclosures, countless hours in the editing room, and a lawsuit? (David Siegel has filed a defamation suit against Greenfield and her associates.)

Beyond that: what’s it like to watch a house of cards tumble in slow motion and remain behind the lens?

Greenfield and I sat down for a chat last week in New York ahead of the film’s limited release.

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great scots! ‘brave’ review

Posted in enterainment, the daily by kase on June 22, 2012

Even if “brave” doesn’t necessarily describe any of the characters in Pixar’s most recent offering, the film’s existence itself is courageous. Imagine this: a story about a princess, with no princes and no pink, nary a ballgown to be found! Such is the case with “Brave,” directed first by Brenda Chapman, then by Mark Andrews (and written by both of them), and co-directed by Steve Purcell.

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aubrey plaza gets a promotion

Posted in enterainment, journalism, the awl by kase on June 8, 2012

There’s a reason Aubrey Plaza keeps getting cast as interns — as eyerolling Pawnee Parks Department lackey April Ludgate on NBC’s Parks and Recreation and as the defeatist, toilet-scrubbing Seattle Magazine intern in the upcoming Safety Not Guaranteed, and in real life as well, in NBC’s famed page program. According toSafety director Colin Trevorrow, the 27-year-old actress is an everygirl, a face for the masses of underpaid, overeducated young workers of the world.

“Aubrey represents a whole generation of young women who are very disaffected,” Trevorrow said. “Not just women, a whole generation. And disaffected for a reason. They don’t see anything out there for them, and this is not a world for them, and they have every reason to want to go back to a time when everything was a little bit easier and there were more opportunities and they weren’t treated like shit as an intern somewhere.”

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martin short on ‘madagascar 3′, souvenirs from the set and finding characters in the laundromat

Posted in enterainment, journalism, moviefone by kase on June 6, 2012

Martin Short’s elastic face has morphed into many memorable characters, including Jiminy Glick, Ed Grimley and an impressively passable Katharine Hepburn. The latest persona the comic slipped into, however, required no facial contortion: Short-voiced Stefano, a friendly Italian sea lion who performs in the circus in “Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted.”

Moviefone spoke with Short ahead of the film’s June 8 release about his favorite characters, what you might find in his garage, and his “bitchy sarcastic side.” (Don’t worry, we didn’t pull a Kathie Lee Gifford and awkwardly ask him about his personal life.)

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no trouble brewing: katie carguilo and the battle of the baristas

Posted in journalism, the daily by kase on April 21, 2012

Katie Carguilo aims to please.

“My favorite drink to make is whatever is going to make the person who’s going to drink it the happiest,” she told The Daily. “If somebody really likes strong coffee, I’ll make them a French press. I’m in the business of making people happy. I’m not trying to force what I like onto them.”

The 28-year-old barista’s easygoing answer may not surprise the casual observer — after all, serving coffee isn’t usually viewed as a demanding or controversial profession — but Carguilo has an array of awards under her belt that certify her as a Grade A coffee snob, most recently capturing the title of Northeastern Regional Champion in the country’s most prestigious barista competition. At the end of April, she will head to Portland, Ore., to compete for the national title.

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the awful tooth: is the tooth fairy going broke?

Posted in journalism, the daily by kase on February 23, 2012

The economic slump has been hard on everyone — even the Tooth Fairy.

An annual poll conducted by the nonprofit Delta Dental Plans Association showed that on average, kids are finding $2.10 under their pillows the morning after leaving a lost tooth there. That number is down 42 cents from the $2.52 they received per tooth in 2010.

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