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yahoo brouhaha: activist investor slaps back

Posted in business, journalism, the daily by kase on February 16, 2012

As Yahoo continues to struggle under new CEO Scott Thompson, an activist shareholder’s nomination of media heavyweights for the company’s board of directors has sent a shock wave through the Internet giant that may foretell a coming battle for control. The result could very well be a return for former NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker to a top corporate position.

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‘mein kampf’ tattoo appears on cover of boston pbs station magazine

Posted in journalism, raw story by kase on August 25, 2011

WGBH, a public media hub in Boston, is drawing unwanted attention after choosing to put the subject of a Frontline documentary — and the “Mein Kampf” tattoo on his forearm — on the cover of their August member magazine, distributed to 150,000 members of the station.

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rep. barney frank: npr cut me off because they didn’t like my argument

Posted in journalism, raw story by kase on August 11, 2011

After three decades in Congress, it’s understandable that Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) has a lot to say — too much to say, according to NPR.

Frank gave an interview to Morning Edition Tuesday morning, and host Steve Inskeep had to interrupt Frank, he said, to cut back to local stations. Frank told Raw Story in a phone interview Thursday that he had been cut short because he was advocating for cutting military spending and advocating for saving entitlement programs.

“It wasn’t just that it got short that was the issue,” Frank said. “It was when it got cut short.”

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fox news accidentally debunks its own attacks on ‘vile’ rapper common

Posted in raw story by kase on May 11, 2011

In the days since popular rap artist Common was invited to a White House poetry event, Fox News personalities have been voicing their protests.

The network’s editorial site, Fox Nation, even published an article headlined “Michelle Obama Hosting Vile Rapper at the White House?” The site apparently objected to Common because of some lyrics denouncing former President George W. Bush, they said, and had mentions of violence against police.

However, about seven months ago, Fox News interviewer Jason Robinson spoke to Common and praised him, saying he’s “very positive.”

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keith olbermann + dana loesch = bff?

Posted in riverfront times by kase on November 10, 2010

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann returned to the airwaves last night after a temporary suspension (he wasn’t allowed on the air Friday or Monday, which the rest of us call a long weekend). In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past weekish, Politico reported Friday that Olbermann had made three donations to Democratic campaigns this election cycle, in direct violation of MSNBC employee policy.

We could go on and on about how MSNBC hired Olbermann to spout his political opinions, only to punish him for (literally) putting his money where his mouth is, but let’s focus on something new:

Why the hell did St. Louis’ own Dana Loesch come into the picture?

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planet’s daily news kiosk’s school of journalism, in survey results

Posted in riverfront times by kase on August 9, 2010

Last week, we told you about the financial woes of the Central West End’s beloved Planet’s Daily News Kiosk (which, judging by a quick drive past this morning, appears to be selling papers again, as of today!). ​Since then, we’ve heard from several customers who say that Tony and the kiosk hold a special place in their hearts. We even heard from Audra Davis, better known as Audi-K, namesake of the Central West End eatery, who emailed us, “The news stand at the corner of Euclid and Maryland run by Tony is an asset to the Central West End. We would like the news stand kept the way it has been so is it profitable for all.”

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the newspaperless newsstand: the planet’s daily news kiosk faces financial strife

Posted in journalism, riverfront times by kase on August 3, 2010

Anthony M. Streekfuss, known to most simply as Tony, is a jack of all trades: He acts as an early morning security lookout for businesses in St. Louis’ Central West End, gossips with the locals, and spoils passing canines with the dog treats he has on his person at all times. As owner and sole staff member of The Planet’s Daily News Kiosk, on the corner of Euclid Avenue and Maryland Avenue, Tony does it all.

He does everything. Everything, that is, except sell newspapers.

You’ve probably seen him there on the corner, on any given morning, surrounded by blue newspaper lockboxes emblazoned with periodicals’ names, squinting out from under his faded olive green New York Times logo baseball cap. You’ve probably even seen him selling newspapers.

But not anymore.

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new york times and google: your new synthetic marijuana dealers?

Posted in journalism, riverfront times by kase on July 19, 2010

As you may have heard, K2 — synthetic marijuana — is all the rage lately. The substance, sometimes marketed as incense, was recently banned in Missouri, and is well on its way to illegality in other states, including New York. The New York Times, naturally, got in on the story last week, letting former RFT-er Malcolm Gay on the loose in his old St. Louis stomping grounds to report on the ban.

The story itself was well-reported and thorough — it was the advertising next to it that caught our eye.

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‘people’ editor: ‘i saw something in editing that i could be good at’

Posted in journalism by kase on May 17, 2010

Larry Hackett. image via nyobserver.com

In 1981, as a junior journalism major at Boston University and Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Free PressLarry Hackett (COM ’83) spent his time hunched over typewritten drafts of articles, snoozing his way through copyediting class and, on one memorable occasion, being arrested for trespassing at Boston University Police Department in pursuit of a hot story. Nearly three decades later, Hackett returned to campus for a visit, this time as the managing editor of People Magazine, one of the most sparkling jewels in Time Inc.’s media crown.



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